About Us

We are a marketing agency that provides a fully integrated service to branding and marketing by creating a comprehensive plan with simple and effective solutions.

Stand out

We help brands navigate and communicate effectively through today's complex and often noisy media landscape. If you're looking to engage with a consumer audience, we can help.

We work with brands of all sizes, from those looking to refresh and streamline their marketing, to start-ups strategizing their space in the market; we get your voice heard.


We ensure your successful position in the market, by providing useful and practical solutions to marketing problems and hands-on support. We have the creative thinking, strategic know-how and digital expertise, coupled with a ‘get it done’ attitude to deliver on your goals.


Our goal is to work with teams and organisations to enable them to elevate their game by helping them find answers to your marketing problems. We achieve results for businesses by being knowledge driven, seeking out new information and developing deep insights.

Core Values


Striving for excellence at all times


Supporting your organisations overall objectives


Building relationships built on mutual confidence, trust and respect


Serving clients to the highest possible standards at all times


The Canary team are personable and extremely reliable - they understand and deliver our marketing needs, so we don't have to think twice!


It's like having an in-house marketing team!


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